In addition to working

  • As a Marriage Counselor,
  • As Child Specialist or Parenting Coach (I can team with your divorce attorney),
  • As a divorce coach to save your dignity and reduce your legal fees
  • As a family event coach or family therapist, I assure joy before and during your event.

In that regard here is a structured Family Event Program –

Programs Assuring Joy before the Family Event

Expand the Joy: (2 hours)

  • Clarify and maintain your dreams.
  • Better understand certain family relationships.

Overcome the Challenges of Family Issues: (4 hours)

  • Assess if you need a change in course. For example, you are obliged to invite a high-maintenance relative or friend and want a positive result.
  • Meet the challenge of the family members who avoid contact.

Rescue the Joy: Breaking Through Conflicts: (8 hours)

  • Replace fear with peace, blame with forgiveness, stage fright with confidence.
  • Engage in custom designed meetings alone or with key family members re issues.
  • Review video recordings of yourself to see yourselves the way others do.
  • Feet just cold or frozen for good reasons? For example, should you be a run away bride or groom after all?

Workshop: Assuring Rite of Passage Joy throughout the Family Life Cycle

We have a lot of rituals to help us celebrate the passages in life from womb to tomb. We start life in relationship: mother to child and become a Self, a partner, a parent and empty nester much more quickly it seems as we develop individually. Time waits for no man/woman as family developmental passages, along with child and adult development, flash by over three generations simultaneously. Family rituals that help mark and sanction our joyful tears include the “I do” ceremony, the Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, for some: Divorce rituals, High School or College Graduation ceremonies, the Memorial Service and many others. We shall discuss the ways in which a three-generation family systems perspective gives special meaning to these necessary changes. That frame can provide a spiritual lift as we take action steps to assure harmony in the face of potential conflict or personal and partnership stress in the planning of milestone event celebrations.