It is our belief that highly successful executive leadership flourishes best when one enjoys a bedrock of happiness in one’s personal or family life. Anecdotal reports abound of the link between productivity and successful marriages or partnerships. However the divorce rate now surpasses 40% and there are reasonable speculations that this rate may be even higher among business executives. Does divorce have devastating or beneficial effects upon business operations and the career trajectory of highly valued executives? To date no research has examined the effects of the divorcing process in business. You may need to better understand the nature of successful leadership when it is influenced by divorce.  I would say that this concern applies to senior executive management such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Owner, Senior Managing Partner, and Family Business Partners. Please be a pioneer in helping us gather such data by making comments here or via email.

We want to guide you through the emotional, legal, social and community aspects of divorce while still maintaining your productivity. That means maintaining your ability to make decisions, contribute daily, focus on tasks and concentrate on emotions that drive business relationships.

The parent you are should not be undermined by the conflicts in your marriage. By the same token, the leader you are should not be undermined by the pain in your personal life.

One Structured Program for Executives

Expanding Success

A review session to clarify your best strengths and the actions required to maintain them in business relationships and systems; for example, excellent connections with vendors, a fine reputation in the community, and a desire to satisfy customers. Your goal is for all staff to follow this model.

Rising to the Challenge

A session to assess whether change is needed and what the possibilities may be. For example, you are locked into a commitment to a particular partner or manager that is not working well, perhaps due to family loyalties. You prefer to deal with it and generate hope rather than remain resigned or discouraged.

Leading as Family Tradition

How do you choose wisely from the many leadership experiences and images you have inherited? How do you apply the best business principles and styles from your history? What are your habits of leadership? How well do they work? Feedback will validate your best leadership style.

See Yourself as Others Do (on Video)

Based on the recording of workplace activity or a key meeting and the feedback from a focused review of the tape. This action allows you to see yourself the way others do. Success is more likely to come to those who dare to know how others experience them – as sincere? competent? trustworthy? intimidating?

An Executive Coach Can Increase Profits

With Systematic Sales, Management or Career Counseling, a Psychologist can

  • Enhance performance and teamwork
  • Spark inspirational leadership
  • Accelerate Job role transitions of key execs
  • Resolve conflicts in family firms