What is Psychotherapy or Coaching?

Psychotherapy is a conversation between a licensed professional and a client who seeks change inbehavior, increased self-awareness and better relationships.  The goal is to optimize one’s ability to live more often in positive feelings such as hope, serenity, appreciation, pride, and compassion for self and others.

Brief interventions may be limited to problem solving of immediate and specific goals. Longer participation leads ideally to

  1. a higher level of differentiation of self
  2. greater courage to be happy and
  3. increased resilience as one becomes less easily triggered by the judgments or narratives of others or of one’s own recurring automatic negative thoughts.

The ideal therapist or coach is multi-theoretical, impartial to all family members of a client and shows up reliably to bear witness to the pain and suffering of that client. I strive to provide an emotionally safe environment.  As a curious and non-judgmental detective, my goal is to decode the hidden family images and internalized voices that drive a client’s behavior and moods.  An empathic listener is caring, competent, respectful, sincere and flexible. At times it helps to encourage a vulnerable client. As therapist or coach I am able to make expert assessments, clear promises, specific requests, set limits and offer rational opinions. I support my clients to clarify their own values and principles, thereby making it easier to attain their life goals.