Staying Committed: Part 2

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Summary: Success at both work and love enhance each other. The necessary negotiation and communication skills lead to success in both the bedroom and the boardroom. One of the most important skills involves keeping promises, especially the commitment to oneself that comes with the power of a positive “No.” One also needs external feedback to really Know Thyself. It is possible to create an effective and dignified work family integration if not balance. Specific “must” suggestion are offered by the author, an executive, family and divorce coach.


Just as ―it takes a village to raise a child,‖ it takes a community to maintain a marriage, a family, and a career. In summary:

– 5 – May 29, 2008

 Delegate tasks while you engage in compassionate and appreciative relationships with others.

 Improve your competence evaluating specific requests in relation to your carefully crafted goals.

 Nurture yourself with experiences you find nourishing such as massage, yoga, and romantic weekends away.

 Nurture your loved ones with surprises – something you know they would love to have or do – a special book, a dinner out, a time away from child care responsibilities.

 Navigate formerly hidden emotional vulnerabilities (problems saying “no”, or dealing with conflict without needless guilt) by talking with an executive or marital coach, religious advisor, or trusted friend.

 Increase self-awareness and effective dialogue by listening to the tone of your own voice and listening carefully to others with the kind of attention that increases your awareness of what they need and want. Provide that whenever you can. Say “No” to the rest.


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PART 2 OF 2 – It’s hard to stay a committed couple or boss when there so much screaming! ©

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